Term Fees

  1. Fees are due within the first 21 days of each term. They are based on an 8 week term.

    2. Fees paid later than the 21 days will incur a surcharge of $30

  2. A discount of $5 per subject will be given to each child & their siblings who train in more than one style.

  3. Term fees are non-refundable.

  4. Cancelled classes that cannot be made up during term times will be credited to your account for the following term. There is no cash alternative.

Office hours

  1. We are available to answer any questions and queries between the hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Friday.  Please bear in mind between the hours 2:45pm and up to 9pm we are often teaching in class .  If you do not receive a response straight away it will be answered on the next business day, the office is closed on weekends and public holidays.


  1. If your child is not returning to classes, please inform us at the end of the term.

  2. New enrolments will not be taken in Term 4.

  3. If a class is cancelled you will be notified as soon as possible. We will attempt to make up the class during the holidays, however due to studio & time restrictions this may not always be possible. We encourage students to make up classes by attending a class at either Arrowtown or Queenstown, or use the opportunity to try a new subject.

  4. Parents are not permitted to enter or watch classes – with the exception of  Monday & Friday Toddler classes.

  5. At the discretion of the teacher, the last class of term may be observed by parents.

  6. Danceworks takes no responsibility for the drop-off or collection of students, before or after classes.

  7. We reserve the right to merge or cancel classes if attendance numbers are low


  1. Uniforms are compulsory for all subjects

  2. Correct uniform must be worn for all examinations & presentations

  3. Hair must be tied up neatly for all subjects, and in a bun for Ballet

  4. At the discretion of the teacher & for a gold coin donation, sensible non-uniform may be worn on the last week of term.


  1. Students are encouraged to take exams in their chosen subjects.

  2. Costs for exams are not covered in the term fees & must be paid for separately.

  3. Extra classes may be introduced before the examinations. These are for the benefit of our students and will help in their revision.

  4. Students who are not prepared for their examinations may be withdrawn. Fees & exam costs will not be refunded.

  5. Danceworks will make decisions as to the appropriate class level for each student and consult parents/caregivers if a change is appropriate.


  1. Students may be selected to represent Danceworks at competition level

  2. Routines must be choreographed by Danceworks teachers

  3. Routines remain the intellectual property of the teacher

  4. We reserve the right to remove the entry if we do not feel the routine is being performed to a high enough standard

  5. You must seek the permission of your teacher before you use any of the routines in non-Danceworks related events, such as school shows.

  6. Students in a duo, trio or group who cannot make a competition may be replaced until another space comes available.

  7. Students in a duo, trio or group may be replaced if they miss 3 rehearsals

  8. The cost of rehearsals, competitions & costumes are to be covered by the parent/caregiver

  9. Video footage of routines must not be uploaded to the internet. Students found having done this will no longer be allowed to perform the routine

  10. Students and families who are found to be acting unprofessionally may be asked not to attend further competitions.